Torre dell'Orologio

Clock Tower


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A as in… Activities, games,  i.e., interactive tours in which the playful dimension is the main component utilized to achieve the objective proposed by the museum experience; Ateliers, i.e., creative workshops offering hands-on experience and learning opportunities through experimentation, sharing and cooperation;  ABC of the museums, i.e., guided tours that allow a fast but comprehensive visit, with a focus on the history of the building and the collections (in collaboration with Pierreci Codess Coopcultura). Activities for exhibitions, i.e., educational programmes created on the occasion of temporary exhibitions to help convey their cultural and scientific contents. Activities tailored to different needs, with resources and sessions dedicated to educators in support of the creation of customized programmes. Activities for educational stays, to help students to gain an insight not only of the museums but also of the city and its artistic and cultural heritage. Activity book, i.e., a self-led tour, guided by a “detective story”, a whodunit unfolding entirely inside the Doge’s Palace on the tracks of the murderer in “The Perfect Murder”. Appointments on the Educational programme exclusively dedicated to teachers and educators.

The museums’ educational activities are currently mainly held in Italian language and, therefore, directed to Italian-speaking visitors.

For further inquiries or bookings of educational activities for non-Italian speaking visitors (PDF 103 KB)  >

CA’ REZZONICO, Active tours available in English:

A journey into  eighteenth-century venice. The extraordinary rooms of the palace, with the sumptuous furnishings and original period furniture, refined decoration, exquisite tapestries, and official portraits, offer a view of Venice when the city was still wealthy and powerful, carefree and joyous. But a careful examination of the works by the leading figures of the last great age of Venetian painting, such as Tiepolo, Canaletto, Longhi, the Guardis, will lay bare the flip side of that reality, showing
Venice on the brink of the long and slippery slope to modernity.

Interactive activity sheets, teaching units, audiovisual equipment, all tailored to the
type and age group of the users, will accompany the young visitors in this
particular journey of discovery.

Secondary  School

Duration: 2 hours

Available also in Spanish, English, French and Russian