Torre dell'Orologio

Clock Tower

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The Moors and the bell

The Moors and the bell.
The two giant statues in bronze (traditionally known as “The Moors” because of the patina on the metal) were cast in 1497 by Ambrogio della Ancore; the body is hinged at the waist to permit the movement made in striking the bell. In spite of their function, the modelling of the statues deliberately exaggerates their mass, so that their form is unmistakable, even from a great distance.
The bell, surmounted by a gilded sphere and a cross, was also cast in 1497.
It was the work of a certain Simeone, who has signed his name with a fine inscription in the bronze.
During the mid 19th century replacement of the roofing to the Tower, the bell and the two Moors were raised about a metre above their original level.