Torre dell'Orologio

Clock Tower

Layout and collections

The Three Kings and the Angel; the Doors

The Three Kings and the Angel. When the Clock Tower was built in 1499, the Three Kings and the Angel with the Trumpet were designed to come out every hour from the loggia on the second storey of the structure and pass in procession before the statue of the Madonna and Child. However, the delicacy of the complex mechanism meant it was subject to great wear and tear over time, so eventually the procession had to be reduced in frequency or stopped altogether. After Ferracina had re-designed the clock mechanism, he also worked on that governing the procession (1758-1759); still in use today, it comes into operation only twice a year: on the Epiphany and the Feast of the Ascension. The actual wooden statues of the Three Kings and the Angel were re-done by Giovanni Battista Alviero in 1755; as stratigraphical tests – and various inscriptions in the machine housing – show, these rather crude works have been restored and completely repainted on several times.


The doors. Originally, the doors from which the Three Kings and the Angel emerged in procession were wooden structures covered with painted and gilded metal and decorated with two gilded angels in embossed metal. In 1858, these doors have been absent for most of the year, replaced by two metal openings which are decorated with gilded geometric motifs and make it possible to reading the panels of the hours and minutes on the rotating barrels installed by Luigi De Lucia.